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Inspire Yourself and Learn Psychoanalysis


Take the "Introduction to Psychoanalysis" course, get the basic knowledge and determine your further path in the study of psychoanalysis!
* Suitable for all skill levels.
* Upon successful completion of the final testing, a personalized certificate is issued!

Distance learning

We have prepared for you a free course on the introduction to psychoanalysis, which includes a huge amount of materials

"Introduction to Psychoanalysis" - Your start in the study of psychoanalysis!


Practicing Psychoanalysts
All authors of this course are recognized experts in their field. Many are at the forefront of psychoanalysis in Russia.

All concepts

In the course you will learn all the basic concepts of classical and modern psychoanalysis.


Test yourself
We have prepared for you a difficult test on all the main topics of the course "Introduction to Psychoanalysis."

Start learning

Individual route
Choose a convenient time and pace for studying the materials, as well as the sequence of passing the sections!


Confirm knowledge
In case of successful testing, a personal certificate will be sent to you.

The next step

Institute of Psychoanalysis
Are you interested in psychoanalysis? Find out about the educational programs available to you on our website.

Learn Psychoanalysis for Free with Leading Analysts

This free course on the introduction to psychoanalysis was prepared with the participation of the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis.






Free training

In our free course on Introduction to Psychoanalysis, we have included all the basic concepts and stages of development of psychoanalytic thought.

When creating the course on the introduction to psychoanalysis, we paid special attention to its structure, tried to streamline and systematize all the stages of the formation of psychoanalytic thought. Dismantled all the basic theories and directions. They tried to explain what our psyche consists of and how it is arranged. We talked about the founders of psychoanalysis and about his modern schools and approaches.

Connect to the course

Starting the free course “Introduction to Psychoanalysis” gives you a unique opportunity to learn from the many years of experience of dozens of teachers and practicing psychoanalysts. And you will take the first step in mastering a new profession.


We are very grateful to all the authors who participated in the creation of this free course on Introduction to Psychoanalysis.

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